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Everywhere I go, I come across people trying to survive or heal from intimate partner violence (IPV, also called domestic violence).

I can offer each person the information I’ve gathered from my own experiences – as a survivor, as a peer advocacy counselor, as a writer covering issues of abuse.

But it’s clear how much these resources are needed on a larger scale. So many of us know survivors, so many of us are survivors, and so many of us can’t access the support and healing we need.

That’s why I’m creating and sharing these resources on IPV and healing. I aim to fill in some of the gaps in common views on partner abuse. 

Who’s missing from the common images of domestic violence? What signs of abuse do we tend to overlook? How can we center survivors? How can we heal from the impact of partner violence?

If you’re a survivor, I hope these resources can support your healing. If you’re a friend or family member of a survivor, I hope you’ll take a moment to get informed on IPV.

And I hope we all can lift each other up to create a better world for survivors.

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NOTE: I can’t provide immediate support through this form. If you need support with your safety right now, try these resources:

National Domestic Violence Hotline:        1-800-799-7233

NCAVP support for LGBTQ survivors:      212-714-1141

IPV Resources by State

International IPV Resources